One of our goals is to help strangers become friends and friends become family. It is difficult to form deep, lasting relationships when you only see someone for one hour at church each week. Connect groups are a great way to connect with people that you can laugh, cry, pray, and eat with!


Most Connect Groups involve these three things:

1.  SHARE A MEAL:  In the Bible we often see Jesus connect with people over a meal. Whether its snacks or a full meal, most of our groups enjoy some sort of delicious food together!

2. SHARE THE WORD:  Connect Groups dive deeper into Sunday's sermon by asking questions, sharing what you learned, and opening God's word to dig deeper.

3.  SHARE YOUR LIVES:  The goal of Connect Groups is to share our lives with each other as we connect God's Word to the issues of life we are going through. Praying for/with each other is a big part of the groups.

If you are interested in getting involved with a Connect Group, complete this online form or fill out a CONNECT card on Sunday and drop it at the Welcome Center!

12406 Broadbent Rd

Lansing, MI  48917


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