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Whether you are snowed in, traveling, sick, or just tuning in to see what we're all about, we are so glad you're here!

What is an iCampus?

An iCampus is a way for people to tune into the entire church service on Sundays when they cannot make it in person by watching online. They will be able to watch the worship and message while interacting with others by using the chat feature.

Why an iCampus?

  1.  While the iCampus is not a replacement for coming to church in person, it is a great alternative for those that are unable to make it to our physical location. Sometimes sickness, travel, or inclement weather makes it difficult for people to make it to church. The iCampus allows these people to stay connected to the River’s Edge family during these times.

  2. The iCampus is a great way for new people to check us out before stepping in our doors. Sometimes watching the service before coming in person can ease the anxieties of coming to a new church.

  3.  We live in a digital world. An iCampus is a great way to share the Gospel with more people by having an online presence. It allows our message to extend beyond our walls, our town, and even our country. 

How can I help with the iCampus?

There are two main ways to help with the iCampus:

  1. Share the iCampus link! Each Sunday the iCampus link will be shared on the River’s Edge Facebook Page (facebook.com/riversedgecc). Share the iCampus link to your Facebook Page and invite your friends to join!

  2. Volunteer on the iCampus team! We are in need of camera people and chat hosts. If you are interested in serving, fill out the form below.

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