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The goal of Young Adults is to create a space for young adults ages 18 to 24 to connect and grow with one another in a welcoming and authentic environment!

Young Adults meets on Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30 PM at River's Edge Community Church in our Multipurpose Room. There will be time for sharing, discussion, and prayer at each meeting. Coffee and snacks will be served, and many times people are up for grabbing dinner after the gathering is over.

There are three reasons we believe this ministry is so important:

  • CONNECT - It can be challenging to form meaningful relationships, no matter your age. But we also recognize that the early years of young adulthood are formative and can be intimidating. Being able to connect with other people navigating this unique time in life is a huge blessing.

  • GROW - By studying God's Word together and encouraging one another to develop strong spiritual practices, young adults will help each other along the path of spiritual growth.

  • PURPOSE - Every one of us was created with gifts and skills that God wants to use, but figuring out what they are and how best to put them into action can be a struggle. Having other people to speak into that process is beyond valuable.

There are also three characteristics to the environment we are hoping to build in Young Adults:

  • WELCOMING - Smiles and hugs (when that's allowed) are going to be common, whether you've been at RECC your whole life or this is your first time in our building.

  • HONEST - We aren't here to put on a show. We are here to be authentic and wrestle with our challenges and questions in a way that will help us move forward.

  • REAL - "Come as you are, be who you are." That is what River's Edge is all about ... and that includes this group!


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